In 2011, we mark our goals for the future in Strategy 2015, which includes our vision and mission for the company. Our vision is that we want to become the leading logistics company in Vietnam. Our vision confirms one thing we want to be a best logistics provider that all people will come to: their first choice is not only for their shipping needs, but also their shoulders will be as employees or investors.

This is further emphasized in our mission statement, which has four main parts:

1) We want to simplify the lives of our customers.

2) We help our customers, employees and investors to be more successful.

3) We make a positive contribution to the country.

4) We always respect when we achieve our results.

We only succeed when you succeed

We strongly believe that pursuing all these goals lies in our interest and in the interest of all our shareholders: customers, employees, investors and the planet are one unity. We add value to people’s interaction with us, whether with a quality service or product, by capturing the attention of our employees and cultivating their talents. And we show our interest in our country and our community through a variety of corporate responsibility programs under the slogan ‘Responsibility for Life’.

Our purpose

Company with a purpose

We are extremely proud of the contributions we can make in our daily work. Any kind of goods moving from one place to another need the support of logistics – but behind this simple fact one can see millions of stories.

As a logistics company, we make the most important part of the trade to ensure that any goods that need to be shipped are shipped. The shipments entrusted to us may include a life saver or a friend’s birthday gift or keep the entirety of the company in its archetypal form.

We not only transport parcels and containers but also ensure that containers reach the port: we bring prosperity, we bring health, we promote the development, we bring joy . Every day we connect people, to improve their lives.