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Bonded warehouse is a warehouse area established in the territory of Vietnam, separated from the surrounding area for the temporary storage, conservation or performance of some services for goods from the outside or from within. and put into warehouses under signed lease agreements signed between the owners of linked warehouses and the property owners. 61.      Bonded warehouse of goods, merchandise and means of transport that enter or leave or are kept in customs warehouses must go through customs procedures and be subject to inspection and supervision by customs offices.

We provide warehouse services, from general storage, storage of the supply chain, Bonded warehouse, retail stores … to meet the needs of each client.

  1. Transportation of goods in transit:

We specialize in providing the best services and solutions for the transit and import of products to Southeast Asian countries.

  1. Temporary import goods – Re-export:

Transport of goods temporarily imported for re-export, goods in transit, goods transferred from border gate to border gate. Transportation of products from the port of Hai Phong to the border gates of Lao Cai, Lang Son, Quang Ninh and Cao Bang.

  1. Loading and packing the goods:

With a team of experienced workers and a professional work style, we have built up the reputation of our clients for many years. Always try to provide customers with the greatest satisfaction with the desire to generate credibility and long-term cooperation.

In addition to our experienced workers, we also offer a full range of machinery and equipment to support your work, such as warehouse, truck, forklift, pallet, container, bag Packaging, cartons … so we can offer customers a quality service and professional.